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About AndroUnity


In 2017, a group of android fan-a-techs came together to form a community now known as "AndroUnity". Based on the common agenda of discussing Android Device along with news, updates and feeds from various other technologies dependent or independent of the android market.

What we do

The community being a mix of people from different background, age and experiences come up with innovative ideas to solve problems, design apps for all type of needs, icon packs and the overall satisfaction of the android community. Besides these as an appreciation of the love we receive we do giveaways of various products or icon packs in collaboration with the makers, make icon packs, substratum themes and widgets for the fanbase. You can find them here.

Where can you find us?

About AndroUnity Team

    Web developers:

    Marvin Borner - about

    Marvin is an young web developer who created several websites - including this one. He is, like everyone else in our community, fascinated by the power and freedom of Android. He also loves 3D printing, photography, cubing and music. He comes from Germany.
    Visit his website here

    Harsh V23

    YouTube channel:

    Marco Fischer - about

    Marco is a popular young YouTuber. In his freetime he creates intros, cuts videos, uploading the videos to YouTube. He is a huge android fan and a tech enthusiast. He's from Germany.

    Tharun Kumar
    Aakash Pawar
    Manthan Sharma
    person Dtechtive


    Christopher Kardas
    Ansh Deo
    Richard pariath
    Pere Vidiella
    Aakash Pawar


    Aakash Pawar
    Richard pariath
    person Lalit