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Design challenges

So ever been stuck with what to design? (cough) that’s Designer’s block.
Well we all have been there and wasted a lot of time. To solve this, Zack Halbert and Jake Fleming made Designercize which is a sort of retro white board throwing random challenges onto designers to create and solve. The challenges are also classified in categories as Easy, Medium, Hard along with a timer to suit your challenge. The very design of the application gives it a 90s box-game look with all the Neon lightings, though I’m not a fan of the application’s design, the application does solve a very critical problem in a fun way.
Written by Richard -- 1.12.2017

First blog :)

We began to create a website a few weeks ago but now the pages of the site are finally finished (of course there are still a few bugs and things to add). We are looking forward to the fantastic things that we will do and experience together.
Written by Marvin -- 4.11.2017